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FEC Resources, Inc. (FEC or the Company) is listed under the ticker symbol “FECOF” and is a subsidiary of Philex Mining Corporation (Philex) who holds 51.2% of the undiluted issued and outstanding capital of the Company.

The principal investment of FEC is a 18.42% stake in the UK company Forum Energy Plc (Forum) who are listed on the AIM market of the London stock exchange.

Forum’s principal asset is a 70% interest in the GSEC101 offshore licence located to the north west of the Philippine island of Palawan. The area is some 10,360 Km2 and contains the Sampaguita gas discovery which has expected gas in place of 3.4TCF and potential upside to 20 TCF (“Trillion Cubic Feet”). Further appraisal work will be carried out endeavouring to bring the field to commercialisation.

FEC also has an investment in a gold exploration project in the Philippines; for further information on this click here

For further information on Forum Energy Plc visit

Click here for 2017 FEC Resources Inc. Annual General Meeting Documents

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